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View our huge range of tables hire products for your next event or party in Sydney, Perfect for private parties, corporate events, dinner parties, weddings, cocktail events, engagements and more.

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Table hire is available through Event Hire Co. We have all the table hire options you may require, such as rectangle trestle tables, round banquet tables, coffee tables and bar/cocktail tables. We provide a delivery service for all our table hire range across Sydney. 

Our table hire come in different lengths and sizes to seat different amounts of people. Most tables typically seat 6-8 people, but we also have a range to seat 10-12 people if you have the room. The tables also come with different surfaces, plastic being the most economical option, however timber is also available should you need your table to endure more weight.

Our cocktail tables typically measure 110cm in height and seats 3-4 stools comfortably. However, if you do require a cocktail table that needs to fit more than 4 people. We have our tapas tables such as the black rectangular tapas table hire w/ white top that can seat 6-8 stools.  

Have a look at our available hire list above, and be sure to send us an email or phone us if you would like a bit more information on what table would best meet your party requirements.

Dining Table Hire: Perfect for any sit down events such as weddings, engagements, milestone birthdays and more. We offer banquet tables, cafe tables and picnic tables.

Trestle Table Hire: A practical and versatile table for events such as backyard parties, corporate events and more. Includes plastic trestle table hire, timber trestle table and kids table. 

Coffee Table Hire: Complete your sofa lounge look with our coffee tables. Includes rectangular coffee table, wire coffee tables, cross coffee table, and more.

Cocktail Bar Table Hire: Perfect for any type of cocktail events or stand up events. Includes wire cocktails table, brass cocktail table, hairpin high bar, cross cocktail bar and tapas tables. 

Wedding Bridal Tables & Signing Table Hire: Perfect addition to add to your special occasion such as weddings or engagement events. Includes signing table, vintage table, gloss cake table and gloss bridal table.