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When it comes to planning a memorable party, the choice of tables is a critical decision that can significantly impact your event’s layout and overall functionality. At Event Hire Co, we offer a variety of table options to suit your specific needs. Let’s explore your choices:

Rectangle Trestle Tables (1.8m)

Our most common table option is the versatile rectangle trestle table, measuring 1.8m in length. These tables can comfortably seat three people on each side and one at each end. If you decide to place the tables end-to-end and join them, you can accommodate six people per table. 

trestle table set up outdoors with flower centrepieces

Rectangle Trestle Tables (2.4)

For larger gatherings and the desire to host more guests per table, the 2.4m trestle table is the preferred choice. These tables can comfortably host four individuals on each side and two at each end. However, when arranging these tables in a continuous row, you’ll lose one seat on either end

Round Banquet Tables

If space is not a constraint and you have a substantial guest list, the round banquet table is an excellent choice. These tables can comfortably seat ten people, making them ideal for formal events where meals are to be served.

round banquet tables with gold tiffany chair set up for a wedding reception

Bar Tables

For a more casual and contemporary style event, consider our bar tables. They are perfect for cocktail-style parties and informal occasions. Our bar tables come in two styles: white tops with a stainless steel finish and a glow range where the entire table can light up in various colours. These tables can be used for standing around, or you can hire bar stools to provide extra comfort for your guests. We also offer a wide range of cocktail bar table, including: Cross cocktail bar tables with terrazzo top, Brass cocktail bar tables, tapas tables and more!

Choosing the right table for your event in Sydney depends on various factors, including the type of function, available space, budget, and your chosen theme. If you’re uncertain about which table is best suited for your event, feel free to contact us for expert advice. We also offer convenient table delivery services across Sydney to make your vent planning hassle-free

white wire cocktail table with white padded folding chair and picket fence hire