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Lapel Microphone Hire



Elevate your event’s audio experience with our top-quality Lapel Microphone Hire – the ultimate hands-free solution for perfect audio delivery. Our lapel microphones are meticulously designed for top-notch sound quality, perfect for a variety of events such as presentations, conferences, lectures, fitness classes and more.

By selecting our lapel microphones, we assure you both convenience and performance. The lapel mics are equipped with an easy-to-use clip-on cardioid condenser microphone, tailored for a hassle-free setup and portability. Whether you prioritise visibility or prefer onstage flexibility and freedom, our discreet tie clip microphone boasts exceptional audio response, ensuring clear voice projection to captivate your audience.

Tip: For best results, the microphone should be 15-25cm away from the mouth.

Complete the setup by also hiring our powerful speaker hire!

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