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Spooky season is creeping up! Halloween is that time of the year when the spirit of spooky fun fills the atmosphere. It is the perfect occasion to throw an unforgettable Halloween event that will have your guests talking about it for years to come! At Event Hire Co, we are here to help you create the perfect halloween party!

Catering to Ghoulish Taste

Every type of event needs food catering and beverages and a halloween celebration is no exception. To create a memorable experience, consider incorporating spooky themed catering ideas. You can start by offering a mix of sweet and savoury treats to match the halloween theme. 

Trick or Treat Candy Machine Hire: At Event Hire Co, we have Candy Machine Hire where you can add to your dessert table! It is a great and creative way to offer your guests trick or treats! We have packages that include from 1 machine up to 3 candy machines for hire. You can either choose the different types of sweets we offer or provide your own type of candy that is compatible with our candy machines. 

Themed dishes: You can serve dishes with eerie names that everyone would love like Eyeball Pasta. This can be your normal spaghetti pasta you’ve made before but the touch up of this would be the meatballs. You can create the meatballs as eyeballs just by adding mozzarella and black olives! Another creative dish you can create are Mummy hot dogs! Where you wrap the crescent dough around a hotdog, creating a mummy! This is definitely something your guest will enjoy and easily devour. These dishes are best when warm so why not hire our Bain Marie to keep your savoury and hotter dishes warm.

Ghoulish Beverages: Craft a cocktail menu with eerie concoctions of alcohol drinks from our range of slushie flavours. We have both adult flavours and kids flavours available with your hired slushie machine hire. Check out our cocktail slushie flavours, though our slushie flavours don’t sound too eerie you can just rename them! For example, you can hire our slushie machine and choose the Fruit Tingle cocktail slushie flavour but rename it as Witch’s brew!

eyeball pasta

Creating a spooky ambience with Glow Furniture Hire

Our Glow Furniture Hire is a fantastic addition to create a spooky vibe for your halloween party! The glow in the dark furniture sets the stage for eerie and otherworldly experiences. Here are a couple of glow furniture you can hire from us at Event Hire Co. 

Glowing Table & Chairs:

To create a comfortable and relaxing area for your Halloween event, tables and chairs are a must! For tables, we can recommend the Glow Large Yoyo Coffee Table Hire and you can mix up your glow furniture with our Cocktail Bar Table Hire. For the chairs, we have a large range for chairs. Including glow bench hire, glow couch hire, glow lounge hire, glow ottoman hire or glow cocktail stool hire to match with our glow bar table. Having a mix of glow furniture is a great idea as the dynamics will overall look great in appearance. The glow furnitures last up to 6-8 hours and are battery powered, so no need for power leads. 

Illuminated Decor:

You can add a bunch of Halloween-themed decorations to enhance the eerie atmosphere. At Event Hire Co, we have a bunch of glow decor items that will complete the look of your Halloween event! Our Glow number hire and Glow Letter Hire is a crowd’s favourite. You can create a big statement piece by adding our glow letters and glow numbers spelling out ‘Halloween 23’ or ‘Boo’. We have the Glow bottle shelf display hire, so you can showcase all the beverages you are offering, or premade jelly shots and cocktail drinks.

glow furniture

Setting the Mood with Smoke Machine Hire & Lighting Hire

Our smoke machine hire can add an extra layer of spookiness to your Halloween event. 

Here are some way you can use our smoke machine hire:

  • Foggy entrance: use our smoke machine hire to create a mysterious and foggy entrance for when your guests arrive at your events. You can place the smoke machine near the entrance or hallway. As they walk through the mist, your guests will feel transported to a mysterious world.
  • Dance floor drama: If you hire a dance floor, you can use the smoke machine to periodically fill the area with fog. This will enhance the dance floor’s eerie vibes. You can make it even more eerie by adding our laser light hire. 

Lighting hire can transform your Halloween event into an otherworldly experience. Here are some ways you can use our products in our lighting hire range:

Laser Maze: We have laser lights that is available in the colours; blue, green and red. You can create a laser maze in a designated area of your venue. Your guest can try to navigate through the maze without touching the lasers. This will add an interactive element to your event. Alternatively, you can light up your venue with a singular colour to fit your theme. Our laser light hire can move to the beat of the music and create patterns & tunnel effects.

Dance Floor Spectacle: Use our Intelligent light hire that will move in sync with the beat of music and shoots out different colours and patterns. This will create an unforgettable visual experience.

Planning the ultimate Halloween event requires careful consideration of various elements, from catering to ambiance. By incorporating creative catering, glow furniture, smoke machines, and lasers, you can create an event that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. With these ideas in mind, your Halloween event is sure to be a spooktacular success!

laser light beams and fog