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Amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning, few things bring as much anxiety as budget management. Handling expenses for venue, guests, attire, arrangements, and catering can feel like navigating uncharted waters of stress. But fret not! At Event Hire Co, we’ve curated a set of tips to ease those financial worries and guide you through the process.

Crafting a Budget-Friendly Wedding Plan

Smart Venue and Furniture Hire: Opt for venue and furniture hire rather than per-head charges. This strategic approach demands detailed planning but often delivers better value. At Event Hire Co, we offer a spectrum of seating and table solutions ideal for weddings.

Intimate Guest Lists: Resist the urge to invite everyone you’ve ever known. Embrace the trend of an exclusive guest list comprising close family and friends. A smaller, intimate gathering not only fosters a warmer atmosphere but also swiftly slashes expenses.

DIY Invitations: Unleash your creativity by crafting your invitations. It’s not just enjoyable; it’s a savvy move to dodge unnecessary expenses. Visit local craft stores for fancy cardboard, scissors, and take cues from Pinterest for personalised invites. Alternatively, explore printable wedding template invitations paired with quality paper from stores like Office works to manage additional costs like postage.

Self-Stocked Bar: Skip the pricey venue alcohol and opt for self-catering. Hire a bar, glassware, and supply your drinks. Enhance the setup with bar tables and high chair bar stools for a relaxed vibe.

DIY Music Setup: Take charge of your wedding playlist using platforms like Spotify. Invest in top-notch speakers to ensure your chosen tunes set the perfect mood.

Essentialist Approach: Differentiate between must-haves and splurge-worthy extras. Focus on essentials like chairs, tables, lighting, speakers, and catering.

One-Location Convenience: Consolidate venues to dodge additional transportation costs. Hosting both the ceremony and reception in one place simplifies logistics on the big day.

Wishing Well Contributions: Offer an alternative to traditional gifts by suggesting contributions to a wishing well. Many guests prefer this option, sparing them from shopping dilemmas while offering you practical support. Our wedding hire range includes a traditional wedding wishing well, a subtle and graceful avenue for guests to offer their blessings alongside a thoughtful note or card.

Embrace these strategies to revel in a memorable wedding while staying savvy with your budget. With a little planning and creativity, your special day can be both magical and budget-friendly!

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