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As Australia Day 2024 approaches, it’s time to transform your workplace or perfect venue for an unforgettable summer business event. What better way to embrace the spirit than by hosting an Australia Day barbecue at your business space with colleagues, clients, and partners

Planning a well-designed outdoor setting that radiates freshness, functionality, and professionalism is the key to preparing your business space for this beloved public holiday. Australia Day revolves around outdoor gatherings, networking, and a vibrant atmosphere. Start planning the design of your outdoor area now with Event Hire Co, ensuring it becomes a space where you and your guests will appreciate every moment.

Corporate Australia Day Event

No business event celebration is complete without the right equipment, making it the essential starting point for your preparations. Outdoor networking and collaboration are synonymous with Australian business culture, whether it’s a casual get-together or a grand event. Choose top-quality event equipment that aligns with the professionalism of your business.

While most businesses have their own event equipment, Event Hire Co can assist you with additional accessories to make your event seamless. We stock high-quality furniture to create comfortable networking spaces, including tables and chairs for mingling and discussion areas.

Establish Shade and Comfort for Networking Success

Celebrating under the Australian sun demands shade and comfort, ensuring your business event is a success. While outdoor networking is delightful, it can be challenging on hot days. Ensure your guests stay comfortable and protected by providing ample shade. This not only benefits everyone but also enhances the overall experience of your business event.

If your business space lacks shaded areas, you can hire our professional-grade umbrellas and strategically place them around your outdoor area. Additionally, we offer stylish marquees that can be set up with tables and chairs, providing a comfortable space for business discussions.

Utilise All Your Outdoor Networking Spaces

While indoor networking is the norm, consider extending your business event to outdoor spaces. On occasions like Australia Day, when colleagues, clients, and partners join in, creating additional spaces can alleviate crowding. Depending on your business space layout, design a second networking area outdoors for relaxed mingling. Set up comfortable seating areas or chill-out zones with our premium lounge furniture and cocktail furniture for effective networking.

Enhance Your Business Event’s Atmosphere

Invest in creating a welcoming atmosphere for your business event by sprucing up your outdoor spaces. Ensure your business space is in top shape, whether it’s a garden or a terrace, by cleaning and organising the area for your guests to enjoy. We also offer professional lighting options to illuminate your outdoor space, creating a luxurious ambiance for successful networking.

Set the Mood with Background Music or Entertainment

Enhance the ambience of your business event with the perfect soundtrack. Consider playing background music that complements the professional atmosphere of your business. Business events are synonymous with creating meaningful connections, so ensure you have a quality sound system for a pleasant auditory experience. If needed, consider hiring speakers or other audio equipment from Event Hire Co.

Get ready to make this Australia Day business event at your workplace an unforgettable experience with these tips for outdoor networking.