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Lighting is a powerful tool for injecting vibrant colours and setting the perfect ambiance at your event. With the right lighting effects, even the most lack-lustre room can be transformed into a captivating event space. There’s a rich array of lighting options to choose from, and the choice you make hinges on the desired effect and your allocated budget.

Disco Vibe Party

If you’re aim is to create a lively, disco-style atmosphere, moving intelligent lights are your go-to solution. The intelligent light is a common and cost-effective option. It projects a mesmerising mix of coloured light beams and patterns. These lights are sensitive to vibrations and can move in sync to the music, producing a beautifully coordinated light show. With their broad coverage, just a few lights can illuminate a sizeable room. Another popular moving light is the laser light hire.

It’s available in various colours, including red, green, and blue, and even a tricolour laser that combines all these hues plus purple and yellow. The laser light projects intense, vibrant laser beams and offers various patterns and effects. To fully capture the magic of laser lights, consider using a smoke machine to capture the laser beams as they traverse the air. 

Glow in the Dark

For those seeking creative lighting, UV lighting and strobe lights can infuse a fun element into your event. A UV light, also known as a black light, can make the room come alive. Anything white or brightly coloured will instantly transform into a radiant display, making it especially enjoyable for children. Strobe lights offer a unique effect. These lights comprise a bright white light that flashes at varying speeds, creating the illusion that people are moving in slow motion. As the light alternates, capturing guests in slightly different positions, it gives the impression of graceful, slow-motion movement.

If your goal is to set the mood, par cans and LED strips are the perfect choice. These versatile fixtures can be set to a single colour or programmed to gently transition or flash through a sequence of hues. They work wonders for illuminating walls, beams, staircases, and other architectural elements.

night party people wearing uv paint