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Are you ready to become a popcorn maestro? Operating our Popcorn Machine is a breeze when you follow these simple steps:

Step 1: 

  • Begin by opening up the glass doors
  • With your left hand, grasp the lever and raise it to the top until it securely attaches to the magnet.
popcorn machine

Step 2:

  • Grab a scoop full of popcorn kernels and place them carefully into the awaiting bowl.
  • Reach for the oil bottle and give it a gentle squeeze, allowing 2-3 oil rounds to coat the kernels.
popcorn kernels in bowl with oil

Step 3:

  • Seal the bowl by pulling down the left-hand lever.
  • Close the doors and activate the ‘turn’ and ‘heat’ functions.
  • As the magic unfolds, you’ll soon hear the popcorn kernels gracefully pirouetting. In just 5-7 minutes, they’ll burst into a symphony of pops.
switching the turn and heat function on a popcorn machine

Step 4:

  • When the pops subside, turn off the machine and the heat function.
  • After the machine settles, gently swing open the doors.
  • Magnetise the left-hand lever again, then rotate the right-hand lever to the left.
  • Release the bowl and scoop out any remaining popcorn.
releasing popcorn
releasing popcorn

Step 5:

  • With the bowl emptied, lift it up and secure it for the next round of popcorns.
closed popcorn bowl

Step 6:

  • Open the tray and you can now sprinkle through the provided butter salt or leave it as plain popcorn. Once it is salted, grab your popcorn bag or popcorn box and scoop the popcorn in. Switch on the warming & light function to keep your popcorn warm
turning on the warming & light function button

Step 7:

  • When the popcorn machine hire is not in use, close the doors and you are good to go for your next serve!
popcorn machine

With this easy step-by-step tutorial, you can now enjoy freshly popped popcorn for your upcoming event here in Sydney! We have a range of popcorn machine packages that are curated to suit your event needs! Check out our Popcorn Cart as well to add more character to the party!