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Marquee wedding receptions have soared in popularity as couples seek versatile venues that offer a mix of services and the freedom of do-it-yourself arrangements. With this trend in full swing, it’s prudent to secure your marquee well in advance of your big day, ideally around 12 months ahead. Here are some invaluable tips to consider when orchestrating your marquee event:

1. Allocate Adequate Space per Guest

For sit-down functions, a general guideline is to allow 1.2 square meters per guest. In the case of stand-up events, 0.75 square meters per guest typically suffices. These measurements do not encompass additional features like the dance floor or bar area.

2. Choose between Full or Partial Marquee utilisation

Take into account whether your event will make use of the marquee or involve partial outdoor areas. Clear weather might prompt a desire for an outdoor dance floor beneath the starry skies. Alternatively, if you do opt for indoor festivities, consider reserving an outdoor space for sit-down dinners or quieter settings.

3. Utilise Multiple Marquees

Opting for several marquee can offer an appealing alternative to consolidate everything under a single roof. This approach not only spreads out your event but also grants guests the freedom to explore various areas. Hiring multiple marquee are also a fantastic solution if you wish to create dedicated zones, such as a children’s section or an undercover option for a balcony or separate section. 

4. Decorate your Marquee

For events with a specific style or theme in mind, decoration is essential. Incorporating hanging decor can be beautifully tie the space together and elevate the overall atmosphere of your event. Whether it’s hanging plants, floral arrangements, fairy lights, or sashes, numerous cost-effective ways can enhance the visual appeal of your marquee. You can find inspiration for your decor ideas on Pinterest! 

5. Supplemental Items for your Marquee Event

When planning an outdoor reception, cross-reference this checklist to ensure that your event is comprehensively covered: 

  • Portable or Accessible Toilets: Make sure there are adequate restroom facilities for your guests.
  • Flooring or Staging: If your event takes place outdoors and you need an even surface for various activities.
  • Portable Kitchen: Consider this if the venue lacks on-site kitchen facilities.
  • Lighting: Adequate illumination both inside and outside the marquee is crucial
  • Generators: These are essential for events in remote locations that require a power supply.
  • Climate control: Depending on the season, you may need heaters for winter or fans for summer to ensure guests comfort.
white padded folding chairs underneath a white pop up marquee and a red carpet