The Event Hire Specialists in Sydney

Lighting can be a powerful tool when it comes to enhancing the atmosphere of your special event. At Event Hire Co, our Lighting Hire in Sydney is your go-to solution for transforming a lacklustre room into a vibrant event space by carefully selecting the best lighting effects. The key to elevating the success of any event lies in choosing the right lighting options that align with your desired ambiance and budget.

Creating a Lively Atmosphere with Moving Lights

If you’re looking to infuse life into your party or host a disco-style event, our moving lights are the perfect choice. Among our most sought-after lighting rental is our Intelligent Light Hire. These versatile lights emit a stunning blend of vibrant coloured beams and captivating patterns. What adds to the excitement of our Intelligent Light Hire is its ability to synchronise with the beats of the music, creating a coordinated and visually mesmerising light show for your Sydney event. For larger venues, consider hiring multiple units of these lights to illuminate expansive spaces.

Another fantastic option in our lighting hire range is our Laser Lights in Sydney. These laser light hire come in various colours, from red and green to blue, and even a tri-colour laser that combines multiple hues. Our Laser Light hire in Sydney produces brilliant laser beams with striking colour intensity and offer an array of patterns and effects that will leave your guests spellbound. To make the most of these laser lights, consider adding a smoke machine hire to capture the laser beams as they gracefully traverse the air.

Adding Fun with Creative Lighting

In addition to our laser lights and intelligent lights, our lighting rental range includes UV Light Hire and Strobe Light Hire. These lighting options are fantastic additions to your event in Sydney. Our UV light, often referred to as Black Light Hire, has a unique ability to make objects and clothing glow brightly, particularly when they are white or in bright colours. This effect creates an exciting and immersive experience, especially for children. The Strobe Light Hire offers a different kind of excitement, with its adjustable speeds that flash white light, creating the illusion of people moving in slow motion. This captivating effect adds a dynamic element to any party.

Setting the Mood with Par Cans and LED Floodlights

If your aim is to create a specific mood and atmosphere in your event space, our Lighting Hire in Sydney includes excellent choices such as Par Can Hire and LED Floodlight Hire. Both Par Can Hire and LED Floodlight Hire can be set to a single colour or be programmed to gradually transition or flash through a sequence of colours. These lighting options work beautifully for illuminating walls, beams, staircases, and other architectural features.

intelligent light at a wedding reception