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Electric Radiant Heater Hire Sydney

View our electric heater hire packages for your next event in Sydney, Perfect to use in the cooler months for any type of event such as corporate events, private parties, birthday parties and more. Our electric heaters are available for delivery only across Sydney.

Hire an electric heater from Event Hire Co and keep your guests comfortable and warm during the cold season.

Our electric radiant heater hire is a popular option for indoor events during the cooler months. These heaters use electricity to produce infrared heat, which warms people and objects directly, rather than heating the surrounding air. This makes them an efficient and effective way to keep your guests warm without wasting energy.

They are very easy to use as you just plug them in and turn the switch on, providing instant heat. You wouldn’t have to worry about changing gas bottles as its electric powered, making a hassle free event. 

We have packages from one heater hire up to six electric heaters.  All prices below are for a 24 hour hire period. If you require hire for more then 24 hours, please contact us for a reduced long term hire price.

Our team of experts will deliver, set it up and pick it up to make it a hassle free process! We also stock outdoor gas mushroom heaters, radiant heaters, space heaters and pyramid heaters