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Are you in the midst of planning your event in Sydney? You’ve already secured the ideal venue, but now comes the crucial decision of selecting the perfect seating arrangement. Whether you’re organising a corporate conference, a charity gala, a wedding or just a simple office meeting, you’re likely aware that the seating arrangement can be the make-or-break element that sets the tone for your event.

At Event Hire Co, we understand that every event is unique and deserves a seating arrangement that aligns with its objectives and ambiance.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the most popular seating arrangements used in the event industry. Each arrangement has its own distinct purpose, ensuring that you can select the one that not only complements your event’s goals but also makes your guests feel comfortable and engaged.

So, whether you’re picturing elegant round tables with close friends, family or colleagues, an engaging cabaret-style setup that encourages interaction, or perhaps a theatre-style arrangement that emphasises the stage, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into these seating options, handpicked to suit a wide array of events and preferences.

You’ll be equipped to make a confident choice, ensuring that your event is not only visually stunning but also perfectly attuned to your guests’ needs and desires.

White Tiffany chairs around a round banquet table for a wedding reception

Banquet Style Seating:

Round tables with 8 or 10 guests at each table.

Perfect for wedding receptions, award nights, networking dinners, and informal events.

Encourages interaction among guests. Consider placing VIPs or the newlyweds at the centre for added charm. Be mindful of centrepieces to maintain conversation flow.

Cabaret Style Seating:

Round tables with guests seated on one side, typically accommodating 5 to 8 guests per table.

Ideal for award nights, comedy shows, gala dinners, and workshops.

Great for audience-focused events and those combining presentations with group activities.

Theatre Style Seating:

Rows of chairs facing a stage, podium, or focal point.

Popular for lectures, performances, and product launches.

Ideal for events where note taking or food consumption isn’t the focus.

Classroom Style Seating:

Rows of rectangular tables facing the front, resembling a classroom setup.

Suitable for lectures, meetings, seminars, and training sessions.

Perfect for situations where note taking or laptop use is necessary, but interaction between attendees is limited.

Conference / Boardroom Style Seating:

A king or oval table seating a maximum of 25 attendees.

Ideal for meetings, interviews, and seminars.

Perfect for small, discussion-focused gatherings.

U-shape Style Seating:

Rectangle tables arranged in a U-shape.

Popular for conferences, meetings, training sessions, and workshops.

Encourages interaction and allows for a focal point or presentation area.

Hollow Square Style Seating:

Rectangular tables arranged in a square.

Suitable for small meetings, training sessions, and workshops.

Allows interaction among attendees across the room.

backyard table set up with white wire chairs, floral decorations and white hairpin banquet tables

King Style Seating:

One long table or several rows of longer tables.

Ideal for wedding receptions, banquets, and informal events.

Creates an intimate atmosphere and stunning photos, especially in spacious venues.

stainless steel cocktail tables with silver tolix stools

Cocktail Style:

No chairs or tables; standing space only with bar furniture

Popular for cocktail parties, Christmas gatherings, networking events, and informal social occasions.

Efficient use of floor space, perfect for serving canapés and fostering mingling.

Do You Need Assigned Seating?

Seating charts are essential for formal dinner events, wedding receptions, and sometimes team-building workshops. They are recommended for guest lists exceeding 50 people to reduce confusion and potential conflicts. Assigned seating ensures guests have a designated spot and helps waitstaff serve meals accurately. Compile your seating chart after receiving all RSVPs, keeping in mind that for shorter seated activities, obsessing over seating arrangements may not be necessary, as guests will have ample time to mingle before and after. Trust Event Hire Co in Sydney to help you choose the perfect seating arrangement that aligns with your event’s goals and atmosphere.