The Event Hire Specialists in Sydney

Chairs are our specialty at Event Hire Co, and for good reason: knowing how many guests will be attending an event and how many will require seating are vital considerations that will help you pull off a successful and memorable event.

As one of the biggest chair hire suppliers in Sydney, rest assured that you’re bound to find the perfect solution for your event from our extensive range of chairs for hire.

To give you an insight into our range of chairs, we’re shining a spotlight on 5 of our most popular offerings:

1. White Tiffany Chair

Timeless, elegant, and oozing class, our White Tiffany Chairs are simply made for weddings, engagements, and other classy events. Not only are they visually appealing, but they will also offer your guests much-needed comfort with their padded faux leather cushions – a necessity for an event that will see your guests spending plenty of time sitting for meals and listening to speeches. These chairs truly shine when paired with a predominantly white theme and classic English florals.

The Tiffany chair also comes in gold and silver, making them beautiful complements to themed accents or perfect options for silver or gold wedding anniversary events.

white tiffany chairs

2. White Padded Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs are another popular wedding and engagement chair option and are also suited to kitchen teas and fashion shows. They are weatherproof, making them a popular choice for outdoor events, and easily transportable, meaning the setup and cleanup of your event will be a breeze. Comfort isn’t forgotten either, with each chair including a padded cushion to support long periods of sitting.

These folding chairs for hire also come in black, making them a popular option for professional meetings, conferences, and seminars.

white padded folding chairs at a backyard

3. Tolix Stools

For something a little more modern and function-focused, you can’t go past our Tolix Stools. These are most commonly used for cocktail events, where sitting won’t be as frequent, and guests will be up on their feet mingling or networking. The Tolix Stools also make natural complements to our cocktail tables for hire.

The Tolix Stools come in a wide range of colours, including silver, orange, purple, black, yellow, red, white, and lime. Whatever you have in mind for your cocktail event, our stool options will deliver.

3 red tolix stools placed on stage for an event

4. Tolix Chairs

Tolix Chairs are a sturdy, industrial, yet contemporary option that suits just about any event, from weddings and engagements to corporate meetings and seminars. Our aluminum Tolix Chairs with a silver painted finish look particularly striking in a formal setting when juxtaposed with native florals and rustic wooden or linen draped tables.

Much like the Tolix Stools, the chairs come in a variety of other colours, including lime, purple, black, yellow, orange, red, and white.

white tolix chairs in a hall

5. Wire/Arrow Chair

With a funky design yet a high-end feel, our wire chair and arrow chair deviate from the norm and are sure to wow your guests. They are particularly striking in gold, which is the perfect match for luxe dinners, in addition to classy yet contemporary weddings and formal events. They’re comfortable to sit on, but you can also request white leather cushions to go on top.

See also our wire chair and arrow chairs in turquoise blue, to add a fresher feel, and in white for a more classic option.

wedding reception function with white wire chairs