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Treat your guests to an exceptional catering experience with our catering equipment here at Event Hire Co! Whether you’re hosting an intimate family gathering or a grand corporate event in Sydney. It is critical when choosing the correct catering equipment that can elevate your culinary game. Here are the benefits of hiring our Bain Marie and Hot water urn.

Bain Marie

Our temperature control Bain Marie is a versatile addition to your catering arsenal. It is designed to maintain the ideal temperature for your culinary creations. Featuring a large container filled with water and smaller pans to hold your delicious food. Here’s why you should consider hiring a Bain Marie for your catered event:

Precise Temperature Control: Among the standout benefits of our Bain Marie rentals is their precise temperature control, allowing you to keep soups, sauces, rice and delicate dishes at the perfect temperature without the risk of overcooking or scorching.

Uniform Heating: The water in the Bain Marie ensures even heating, resulting in consistent warmth from all sides of your dishes. This reduces the need for constant stirring and minimises the risk of hot spots.

Versatility: Our Bain Marie come equipped with four x half-size 100cm pans, perfect for warming up four different dishes simultaneously. Alternatively, you can split one dish between two pans and another dish between the remaining two pans. 

Time and Energy Efficiency: Hiring our Bain Marie can save you precious time and energy. By allowing you to prepare dishes in advance and keep them warm until serving time. You can focus on other aspects of your catering operation without worrying about food cooling down. This ensures even your late-arriving guests are treated to delicious, warm dishes.

Hot Water Urn

Another piece of catering equipment you need for your event is our Hot Water Urn! This is a game changer for creating the ultimate beverage service. Whether you’re serving steaming hot tea, coffee or simply providing hot water for various purposes, here’s why you should consider hiring our Hot water urn:

Generous Capacity: With a capacity of 30L, our water urn is the ideal beverage solution for both small gatherings and larger functions. 

Rapid Heating: Designed for quick water heating, our Hot Water Urn ensures a constant supply of hot water for your guests. This is especially crucial for events where hot beverages are in high demand, such as corporate functions, evening school events, or during chilly weather. 

Temperature Maintenance: Once the water is heated, the urn can maintain the desired temperature for an extended period, ensuring your guests can savour hot beverages throughout the event. 

Convenience: Hiring our hot water urn is a convenient choice for both you and your guests. it eliminates the need for boiling water in separate pots or kettles. Saving you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other event essentials. 

Our Bain Marie and Hot Water Urn are essential catering equipment that can elevate your catering services. Offering precise temperature control, even heating and convenience, these catering equipment are crucial for maintaining the quality of your dishes and beverages.